I’d like to show you Sesshin meditation posters. They are full color 12″ x 18″ images. I use them as visual accents around my home, and for my daily meditation practice.

Imprinted on each poster is an insight, positive suggestion or self-hypnosis script that is almost completely transparent, thereby making it hard to read — and easy to ignore. Your eyes will rest on to the background image rather than wrestle with the words, thus making the words “hidden in plain sight”.

It’s in this state of preoccupation that the conscious mind is easily circumvented, giving the message direct access to the subconscious. It’s a method sometimes referred to by hypnotherapists as a critical factor bypass.

With direct access to the unconscious mind, selective thinking can be established allowing for accelerated change and improvement.



The idea for Sesshin posters was spawned by the following true story of three sons who, when they became of age, joined the Navy and served long careers.
There was no apparent reason why they chose this career path. No guidance counselor made such a recommendation. The father had hardly set foot in rowboat before. The mother was perplexed.

There were so many possibilities available to her sons: employment, further education, another line of duty. Why the Navy?

The Bishop of their church solved the mystery during a home visit.

On the wall in their living room was a large painting of a ship in full sail. The painting — given as a wedding present when the father and mother were still childless newlyweds — had captured the imagination of these boys as they grew up.

Constant exposure to this painting over the years had unconsciously planted an unspoken, inward desire to be on the open seas.



Images have hidden powers to persuade us and alter our lives in profound ways — as the true story of the three sons illustrates. Advertisers are aware of this, of course. Their technique of hiding advertisements in plain sight to influence your emotions and “brand attitudes” is called the Low Involvement Processing Model.

Advertisers know, and studies show, that with sufficient time and exposure to their message, you’ll inattentively process and implicitly learn to love their product.

The implications of low involvement advertising are far-reaching. Whatever enters our subconscious mind inevitably influences our perception of ourselves and the world.

With Sesshin posters, you can use low involvement advertising to your own advantage. Simply display these posters around the home and workplace and you’ll develop good habits and reduce stress effortlessly. You can also use them as a focal point in your meditation routine.

For more detailed information and instructions on how to use Sesshin, please read the FAQ.


P.S. When you order any poster, I’ll give you a second one free of charge. Just contact me via the contact form and let me know what your second choice is.



Jason Comely is the creator of Rejection Therapy, a game hailed as a “self-help hit” and featured in Lifehacker and The Globe and Mail. He has been interviewed on NPR’s Invisibilia and in media around the world.

Jason is also the mind behind Critical Stimulus, a word association psychoanalysis method based on experiments by Carl Jung.